Podcast: The Stars Behind The Stars

Tune into this stellar 6-part series which takes a deep dive into how your astrological birth chart influences the type of mother you become, with astrologer Penny Walters and Pregnancy Virgin author Mandy Mauloni. Find out what Mandy’s learnt about communicating her emotions to her children during Episode 3 here, or access the entire series at www.thestarsbehindthestars.com/podcast.

ABC DIGITAL / PODCAST: Babytalk with Penny Johnston

Pregnancy Virgin is a bonkers name for a book but it’ a great explanation of just how bewildered you can be about everything when you’re pregnant for the first time. Listen to Mandy’s interview with Penny Johnston on ABC’s Babytalk.

ABC WIDE BAY RADIO: Pregnancy Secrets Revealed

Bundaberg-born author Mandy Mauloni chats to Brad Marsellos about body hair, constipation, haemorrhoids and other unexpected pregnancy challenges. Listen to the interview on Breakfast with David Dowsett.

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