Pregnancy Packing: Hospital Bag Guide

In the last trimester of pregnancy, I found myself wandering the aisles of a department store looking for something I’d never bought before. Past the long, floral nighties and embroidered cardigans was the underwear section. Hanging innocently off the rack were the black, cotton full briefs with a high waist, $15 for a pack of five. […]

6 things that knocked me for 6 during my pregnancy

“That really doesn’t look right…” “What is that?” “Is this meant to happen?” When I was knocked up for the first time, the unexpected challenges knocked me for six. Those nine months of surprises — constant unexpected challenges that NOBODY had mentioned to me might happen — drove me crazy during my first pregnancy. Read the full article on […]

Curious about Calmbirth®?

“Quite a challenging labour and birth but we got there in the end … the birth was amazing and the main thing I used was my breath.” “What a completely soul opening experience. I went to corners of body, mind and spirit I didn’t know existed.”  “Every midwife commented how relaxed and positive I was […]

Here’s what you need to know about catching Ubers and taxis with kids

My husband, two children and I caught an Uber to the Commonwealth Games. It caused an uber-uncomfortable scenario. My children were aged two and three at the time and I popped them into the back seat on either side of me, while my husband sat up front. Read Full Article on

Can you teach a baby to sleep?

The butcher glanced at my belly then across at my pram and asked politely, “You won’t have much of an age gap, will you?” “Not quite 15 months between them.” “We would have loved two children … but we can’t imagine it now,” he sighed. “Our two-year-old daughter still wakes up twice a night for […]

OPINION – Here’s why we should celebrate unusual baby names

When my husband and I were choosing baby names, there were so many that I loved containing the ‘s’ sound. Names like Sawyer, Scarlett and Mason. But when it came to making a final decision, I didn’t entertain any of those because I have a slight lisp — I was afraid I’d struggle to say […]

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